Possible Dunlap Highboy

  • June 14, 2017 4:28 PM
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    My aunt is selling her house and needs to sell some furniture.  One of the pieces has always been called a Dunlop highboy but has not been formally attributed to the Dunlops. One thought is that it may have been made by one of the people working with the Dunlops.  It is Cherry and the finish appears to be original.

    She asked me for help getting a fair market price on it and I'm hoping there may be someone in the group who has that kind of knowledge. I know the Americana market has gone way down and she is just trying to get a  ballpark figure.

    I though I might be able to post photos but I don't see any way to do that.

    Maybe this link will work:


    It is a flat top with 5 graduated drawers over 4. The lower drawers are a single drawer over three drawers. The legs are cabriolet with pad feet.

    The brasses, 3 per drawer also appear to be original but I an no expert.

    This is currently in Madison NH. Does anyone know of an appraiser in that area?

    And, yes, I know the carpet is hideous.

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