Eastern Massachussetts Guild of Woodworkers

Upcoming Guild Events

March 14, 2020 9:00 AM • Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Lincoln
March 16, 2020 7:00 PM • Home of Rob Carver - 39 Woodland St., Sharon
April 20, 2020 7:00 PM • Home of Dan Sichel - 116 Lake St., Sherborn

Upcoming Non-Guild Events

May 11, 2019 • Fruitlands Museum, 102 Prospect Hill Road Harvard, Massachusetts 01451
February 29, 2020 • The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts, 116 Water St., Beverly, MA 01915

Featured Piece of the Month

Bentwood Leg Table

by Mike Zwolinski

The timeliness of this month's Featured Piece with respect to the previous month's (January 2020) guild meeting topic ("Curved Furniture Components") couldn't be better.  Featured here is Mike Zwolinski's Bentwood Leg Table.

Mike, a guild member and professional woodworker (see his website), uses bent lamination (his reasons are provided in the article) for the table legs and the result is eye candy for the observer.

Mike's easy to read article sends the reader on the project from start to finish with design, details, and even some discovery.  I'm sure you will be impressed with the workmanship and the steps taken to achieve this outstanding result.  This is Mike Zwolinski's first submission.  I hope to see more.

You can reach Mike at

Announcement: Donation Policy Regarding The Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts

For a number of years Eastern Massachusetts Guild of Woodworkers has donated funds to The Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts in Jamaica Plain, MA.  EMGW is proud to continue this policy to further the pursuit of excellence in woodworking at The Eliot School.  As students at the school benefit from this donation, the Guild wishes to donate its funds in the memory of those EMGW members who have passed in the year of the donation year.  A more detailed description of our donation policy is posted on the EMGW website under the Board Reports tab.

EMGW is pleased donate funds for year 2020 to The Eliot School in honor of Jules Siegel, who passed away on January 10, 2020.  Jules was a long-time member of the Guild and was very active in Guild activities until a few years ago. Jules was a very accomplished woodworker.  At guild meetings he was an interested attendee asking pertinent questions  and providing thoughtful advice.  He was a wonderful colleague and will be missed.

Bevel Cut

Arithmetic Can Be Your Friend

by Andrew Davis

Before you break out in a cold sweat from flashbacks to high school math, the picture above is not meant to scare you away.  It's only a picture of geometry functions that you probably already use without knowing it.

Andrew presents math techniques of various woodworking applications.  You need not follow the math per se.  Just realize that there are many ways to solve a woodworking measurement.  It worked for Leonardo in other fields.  While never exceeding basic algebra and some geometry, Leonardo worked on trial and error approximations that went into the cast for his 26' bronze horse, his paintings in perspective, and his inventions.

So given your experience with woodworking you should have an upper hand.  Have a look but know you proceed at your own risk.

Andrew welcomes your feedback.

Moxon Vise Advise

Bob McKee shares his Moxon Vise build. 

Furniture Interest Group Meetings

Meetings of the Guild's Furniture Interest Group (FIG) are held every third Monday of the month.  All members are welcome.  Members meet at a different member's house every month where they attend to discuss all things furniture building, including designs, jigs, wood species, joinery, tools, etc.  Members have a chance to seek advice from a varied, friendly, and experienced assembly of woodworkers or add to this body of collective knowledge.  Keep an eye on FIG meetings for time and place in the Upcoming Guild Events at the top of the page. 

Mentoring in the EMGW

Mentoring in the Guild takes many forms.  Everything from a brief conversation or email on a particular technique to a full-blown cooperative effort to build an entire piece.  Most mentoring occurs informally among members.  However, the Mentor Program provides an easy way, especially for new members, to get involved in mentoring.  Members listed on the Mentor Program page of this website have expressed a willingness to help other members in a variety of ways.

To read more about the Mentor Program, click here or navigate to About Us then Mentor Program.  To see the list of Mentor members with their interests and contact information, click here or navigate to Members then Mentors.

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