Featured Piece of the Month Articles


Carving Journey 2306

Wavy Cutting Board 2305

Ghost Dancers Hanging Cabinet 2304

TV Console 2303

Stickley Inspired Table 2302

Quilted Maple Projects Part 2 2301

Quilted Maple Projects Part 1 2212

ArtTalk with Steve McKenna, Furniture Maker 2211

Coffee Table for M.C. Escher 2210

Eli Terry Clock 2209

Bow Front Table - Plan 2206 JF, JR, KZ

Bow Front Table - SketchUp Download 2206

Bow Front Table - Description  2206


Getting Started in Woodworking, A Guidebook for the Novice 2205 EMGW


Hall Entry Table in Flame Birch, Pearwood, and Ebony 2204 BM

Volunteer Furniture Projects in Lexington 2203 SM

Curved Display Cabinet-on-Stand 2202 BM

Dual Top Oak Cherry Table 2201 DB


Seymour Table Dec 2112 DM

Turning Federal Reeded Legs 2111 Bruce Wedlock                        

Yellow Pine Desks 2110 BC

Chippendale Footstool 2109 RC

Burl Desk and Chair 2106   SM

Don Michael's Low Boy Table 2105 JC

Don Michael's Grandfather Clock 2105 JR

Don Michael's Eli Terry Clock 2105 JT

Don Michael's Federal Secretary 2105 KZ

Harpsichord Presentation Part III 2104 NC

Jackson's Crib 2103   Dave McCormick

Harpsichord Presentation Part I 2102 NC

Harpsichord Presentation Part II 2102 NC

Evolution of a New Bed Frame 2101 JA

Bureau with Carved Curly Cherry Drawers 2012 SM

Arts and Crafts Article 2011 JA

Mahogany Dining Table 2010 DS

Windsor Chairs Sep 2009 RC

Inside-Out Live Edge Mirror Frame 2006 AD

Regulator Clock 2005 JT

Five Drawer Miniature Chest 2004 LN

Bow Front Table with Embellishments 2003 JT

Bentwood Leg Table 2002 JZ

My First Table Saw 2001 SB

Poker Chip Box 1912 VV & JT

Armoire of Walnut, Spalted Maple, and Ebonized Walnut 1911 BM

Oak Sideboard 1910 JA

Original Alden House 1909 TS

Pembroke Table 1905 KZ

Seymour Table 1904 MPW

Asian Influenced Table 1903 JT

Bowed Apron Night Stands 1902 JG

Huntboard Design 1901 DM

This is Dave McCormick's second submission for Featured Piece.  You will see that Dave has taken on new challenges and has made a gorgeous piece in the Huntboard design.  Sleek and functional, this piece is a sight to behold.

Mahogany Dressing Table a.k.a. Lowboy 1811 JT

Alden House ¼ Scale Rope Bed Model 1810 TS

The Guild entered into the service of the arts when the Guild was contacted by he Alden House Museum.  A special request was made and Tom Shirley answered the call and the request.

Tom volunteered to build a replica in 1/4 scale of a rope bed to be used for docents and visitors for demonstration purposes.  The scale model would be used to demonstrate how the rope bed could be adjusted for different levels of support by tightening or loosening the support rope.

Besides woodworking, Tom has a special interest in the Alden house.  He has been told he is a descendant of John and Priscilla Alden.  Besides that, Tom can say one of his woodworking efforts is a museum piece! 

Hauswitch Jewelry Box 1809 MN

Stickley Sofa Table 1806 KZ

Lolling Chair 1805 DB

Swinging Cradle 1804 SM

Walnut Bench 1803 AD

Seymour Tilt-Top Table 1802 JR

Walnut Curved Drawer Cabinet 1801 DM


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