In addition to our regular meetings, the Furniture Interest Group, and Mentor Program, guild members are involved in a variety of projects. Projects are organized and led by a member or members with a special skill or interest in a particular area. Past projects include:

Cutting Board

A cutting board project was initiated by the guild in December 2022 with Jeff Clunie as coordinator and project leader.  To date, five Guild members have expressed an interest in participating in the proposed group workshop project to make a cutting board.  There are two intended purposes of the workshop: 1) to learn the techniques involved in making a relatively ornate cutting board; and 2) providing an opportunity for increased social interaction amongst Guild members.

Jeff Clunie will serve as the coordinator of this workshop and plans to have an in-person "kickoff" meeting in January.  It should be noted that Jeff will ask attendees to wear a mask.  If wearing a mask will be a problem, arrangements can be set up for a Zoom call.

During December, Jeff will contact all the individuals who have expressed an interest in participating in the workshop, in order to determine a starting time and day of the week which will work best for the group.  To prepare for the initial meeting, click Read Instructions.


Foot Stool and Large Stool Projects

A stool project was initiated by the guild in spring, 2023 with Steve Hoffman as coordinator and project leader.

So far, three people have chosen to participate in the Stool project as demonstrated by Steve Hoffman at the November meeting.  Given that two of the individuals are not available until the spring, the project will start then.  This will leave registration open another few months for more individuals to join the spring workshop.  Eventually, Steve will notify participants with a mutually agreeable date and set of preparatory materials.

            Foot Stool                            Large Stool

Holiday Toy Making

Eastern Massachusetts Guild of Woodworkers has sponsored volunteer toy making projects at various holiday seasons.  Teams of guild members form and locate at a team members workshop to divide the overall project for multiple teams to make articulated toys.  Toys are given to the Toys for Tots organization for distribution to local destinations.

Turning Segmented Bowls

Jonathan Leavy (third from right), an accomplished bowl turner, presented a workshop in 2014 on turning segmented bowls.  Several members made their first segmented bowl.

Chair Making

To tie in with our 2012 Saturday meeting theme of chair making, our then past president and North Bennett Street School graduate, Fritz Smith, led a chair making project. A number of members, some of whom had never built a chair, ended up with a quality project and an expanded set of skills.

Writing Desk and Chair

In 2010/2011 the guild decided to undertake a project to build an exemplary piece of furniture which would serve as a showpiece for the guild's mission. After displaying the piece at various suitable venues the writing desk and chair was sold with the proceeds going to a scholarship fund.

The Project Selection
The criteria for selecting the project were:
It had to illustrate the excellent skills of the guild membership
It had to allow the participation of as many members who wished to participate
It had to be completed within about six months
It was decided that a writing table and associated chair would meet thses requirements.
The Project Team
The design and execution of this project was headed by Fritz Smith. We are very grateful for his woodworking and leadership skills which were quite evident during this excellent enterprise. Many other members participated in the enterprise.

Box of Blocks

As a community service project for the Clinton Early Childhood Resource Center a group led by Jack Murphy built 20 boxed sets of building blocks.  The project was completed in a single day at Jack's shop and delivered to a classroom of smiling kids.

Display case

As a community service for the Milford senior center Charlie D’antonio organized and led a project to build a display case. Members contributed lumber, Sketch-up design expertise, shop space and labor to complete this project.


The Guild has designed, fabricated, and delivered a credenza for the conference room at the Molly Bish Institute at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner.  It was dedicated to the memory of former president Steve Olesin who died tragically in an automobile accident.

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