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If you've glanced through the slideshow above you are aware of the woodworking project to build and donate toys to the Toys for Tots Program in Massachusetts.  To learn more about it, click here to read an article published in the Community Advocate newspaper serving Hudson, Northborough, Marlborough, Southborough, Westborough, Shrewsbury, and Grafton.

Upcoming Guild Events

March 11, 2017 9:00 AM • Woodcraft Woburn (to be confirmed)
March 20, 2017 7:00 PM • Home of Len Nyren, 25 Wyman St., Waban, MA
April 08, 2017 9:00 AM • Lincoln-Sudbury High School
April 17, 2017 7:00 PM • Home of Jim Allen, 32 Shattuck St, Groton, MA
May 13, 2017 9:00 AM • Jack Murphy's shop, 64 Coventry Wood Road, Bolton

Upcoming Non-Guild Events

January 05, 2017 6:00 PM • Woodcraft 185 New Boston St, Woburn
February 25, 2017 • 130 Waltham Street, Lexington, MA
April 01, 2017 10:00 AM • Saratoga Springs City Center, NY

Message from the President

Videos of past meetings available soon

Most of you recently received a link to a video of a past meeting on String Inlay and Marquetry presented by Kevin Mack.  As with any new tech feature the rollout was less than perfect but we hope soon to have the bugs worked out and a growing number of videos available to members from the Guild website.  This new benefit to all our members was only made possible through the work of several members.  With the help of Gary Iadarola, the Guild has been recording meetings for years but without someone to edit them we have been unable to present them to the membership.  Last year Alan Ganser stepped forward and offered to edit some of the videos and make them available.  With technical help from Jim Russell we are figuring out the best method of making them available to all our members.

Need help with toy making project

Based on the success of the toy making project your board has decided to expand it and make it our service project again this year.  We realized that the planning needs to start much earlier than we did last year so I am asking for several members to step forward and offer to organize a toy-making group.  What toys and how many are made, the size and composition of the group, how often and when it meets are all up to you.  It is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow members and to share your woodworking skills with less experienced members.  Let me know soon if you would be willing to help.

More on sand shaded fans

Bob Van Dyke Returns to us this month with an extension of his sand shaded fan topic from last year.  If you attended that meeting this one will take your knowledge further and if you did not you will still get a lot out of this meeting.  As you may know Bob is a nationally known speaker/teacher of woodworking.  He is director of the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking.  His articles have appeared in Woodshop News and Fine Woodworking and he will be presenting at the upcoming Fine Woodworking Live conference in Southbridge in April.

Here we are deep into summer, but as we approach the end of July, I know you are all wondering “What does the coming year for the Guild involve”. Well, behind the scenes, folks have been hard at work putting together the events for the coming year. 

Bevel Cut

Sand Shading and Sand Castle

The sandbox has been used as a metaphor for imaginative play, growth, and making structures.  Computer scientists have used the metaphor when describing digital user work space where they develop code.  Edward Albee wrote a one-act play entitled The Sandbox, a grim expose of American life.  In another metaphorical usage, a video game also called The SandBox gives the player the ability to create a virtual outdoor world using the laws of physics and access to different elements and minerals. 

We woodworkers have our own metaphorical sandbox -- the workshop.  Now we members have the chance to learn about a new skill for that sandbox, which just happens to use sand.  Andrew Davis gives an excellent introduction with his complementary article to February's Guild meeting entitled "Sand Shading and Sand Castles".  Read Andrew's article here.

Smartphone Stand at FIG Meeting

For those of you who have never attended a Furniture Interest Group (FIG) meeting, attending members discuss their woodworking interests either in the form of providing advice and experience or seeking advice on anything concerning furniture woodworking.  Located at a different member’s house on a monthly basis, the meeting is open to all members as an open forum.  For background to this article, it’s not unusual for a few members to bring designs, assemblies, or easily carried pieces for discussion.

At the most recent meeting the normal protocol proceeded and circled from one member to the next offering insights, advice, questions, or status on current projects big and small.  But small was as small as it gets when Tom Shirley presented a simple but clever piece pictured above.  The picture shows two flat pieces folded into each other to make a smartphone stand.  Folding it differently, one can change the display angle.  Made of tiger maple and finished with warmed BLO mixed with beeswax, the piece caught the members by surprise because cabinets, tables, chairs, tools and jigs are the discussed norm.  Tom designed, built and posted his creation to Lumberjocks.com.  He used some scrap pieces and built it with hand tools.  If you have a container of scraps and wonder what you can do with it, you might consider making something small, useful, and quick.  And it makes for a nice gift too.  Thanks go to Tom for bringing this to our attention.  For dimensions and other pictures click here.

Mentoring in the EMGW

Mentoring in the Guild takes many forms.  Everything from a brief conversation or email on a particular technique to a full-blown cooperative effort to build an entire piece.  Most mentoring occurs informally among members however the Mentor Program provides an easy way, especially for new members, to get involved in mentoring.  Members listed on the Mentor Program page of this website have expressed a willingness to help other members in a variety of ways.

To read more about the Mentor Program, click here or navigate to About Us then Mentor Program.  To see the list of Mentor members with their interests and contact information, click here or navigate to Members then Mentors.

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