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  • July 13, 2023 6:08 AM
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    James Russell (Administrator)

    We received the following offer regarding a 12" radial arm saw. If you are interested, please contact 

    Jason Schroder at jason.s.schroder@gmail.com


    Hello EMGW Board,

         I found your site when searching for woodworkers in Massachusetts.  I have a Craftsman 12 inch radial arm saw I would like to donate and am reaching out to see if your organization, or someone you know, might be interested.

         As a way of background, the saw belonged to my grandfather.  He loved woodworking and after he retired, used his garage as a shop to make everything from drums, to go karts, to furniture.  When he was no longer able to use it, he passed it to my father along with much of his shop equipment.  A few years ago, I started putting together a work space in my basement and my father gave it to me.  I don't do much woodworking aside from building some things around the house and have decided that I would like for it to get better use from someone who will appreciate it like my grandfather did.  I have plenty of his hand tools that I use and have fond memories of using with him... more so than this saw.

         Ideally, I'd like to give it to someone that loves woodworking.  I am hoping to find someone that will not just turn around and sell it but that will get use out of it.  If you know of anyone or have any suggestions on others I might contact, I'd welcome any information.  Happy to answer any questions if that helps and I've attached a few pictures of it as well (I built it into a workbench I made but there is a photo that shows the legs which I still have).  Thank you very much.

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