Holt and Bugbee’s price list

  • December 31, 2016 7:17 AM
    Message # 4492088
    James Russell (Administrator)

    Email from Bob McKee

    During the meeting at Don Fye’s home a number of people were interested in having Holt and Bugbee’s price list posted, but I misplaced it.  Interest was expressed again at this month’s FIG meeting, so while there to pick some 5/4 walnut boards for a table top this week I got the list.  Incidentally, it was the same drill as with the 12/4 purchased a couple months ago; they brought a whole pallet out to sort through and restack.  Dealing with them has reformed me of bargain hunting for wood.  While their prices are not low, the lumber is good to begin with and they make it easy to sort through and find exactly what you need.

    Holt and Bugbee Price List 12.1612292016.pdf

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