Table Saw: delta unisaw vs sawstop

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  • November 20, 2016 9:55 AM
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    Deleted user

    The cartridge change is an extra task, but it adds less than 30 seconds after you've done it a few times. Probably not even that much. 

    If you trip a cartridge with a finger, Sawstop will send you a new one in exchange for the tripped one. I keep a spare on hand just in case. 

    I ended up using an old mobile base from another tool instead of the Sawstop one. If you have a dead flat floor, then it's fine, but I don't and the Sawstop model wouldn't work in my shop at all. 

    Delta is just a name at this point. They used to make legendary equipment, but now it's just a sticker on the machine. They might be sharing customer service with Dewalt still, which is horrendous. I ordered a part for my mortising machine a few years ago (a weird size metric spring pin). After waiting 6 weeks, I canceled my order and drilled it out. I've heard stories of tools being out for repair for 6-9 months. 

    Sawstop also offers far better dust collection then any I've used. 

    One other thing to consider. The extra $600 for the Sawstop isn't just for the safety feature. The fit and finish is perfect and it comes perfectly calibrated right out of the box. I I had mine set up and running in 3 hours. Someone had mentioned a $100 insurance policy for your fingers. I guess that'd cover the medical bills... but not losing function to a finger is worth a lot more to me then $600. It was a no brainer in my opinion. If I had to go out and buy more saws, I'd do Sawstop every time. 

    If, though, you feel that the Sawstop isn't worth it for you, don't buy a new saw of any brand. Look for a good quality used model. Boshco in Billerica sometimes has used ones, and you could of course do Craigslist. Expect to put some money into it, but you'd have a great saw for $1000. The old Unisaws (pre 1990s) are all almost identical. Dust collection is poor no matter what you do, but that may not matter for you. The old Powermatic 66s are still expensive but are some of the greatest used saws you can get. 

  • November 21, 2016 6:46 AM
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    Deleted user

    Paul, let me clarify. My comment was that the extra $1000 cost of the saw was LIKE a $100/finger insurance policy, not that I was suggesting buying a policy.


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