• October 22, 2016 9:50 PM
    Message # 4327941

    At the Furniture Interest Group on Oct. 17 I mentioned difficulty finding 12/4 wide board walnut for a project.  Holt and Bugbee was mentioned as a possibility.  At the appointed hour they had a full pallet sitting outside of 8' long, 12" - 15" wide, 12/4 walnut boards, heartwood edge to edge.  They left me to play with the boards until ready to have the total tallied.  I put the unwanted boards back on the pallet and they refastened it.  Very pleasant experience.  I purchased three boards totaling 88 board feet to make the supports (everything but the top) for a large pedestal table.  The wood was so good that two boards were enough for the project, leaving a beautiful board for another day.

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