Posted September 2020 Featured Piece "Two Windsor Chairs" by Rob Carver

August 30, 2020 1:22 AM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Two Windsor Chairs

by Rob Carver

Rob Carver kicks off the EMGW membership year with an entertaining article about his two Wndsor chairs.  To build these chairs Rob took a a track that not many woodworkers do.  Using tools like a drawknife, spokeshaves, scorp, travisher, and compass plane, and others, Rob takes on this challenge this his hands full.  Rob even uses his kiln for drying the green wood used for the legs and green oak for the spindles and other parts.

If that wasn't enough, Rob went into riving, whittling, and bending the oak for the spindles.

What you might also find fascinating are the processes and other aids that Rob built to facilitate his work, including his steam "box" and his use of a dual laser level system to identify and measure the compound angle mortises for the seat.

There is so much more to this project and you can read it here

You can reach Rob at

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