Posted May 2020 Featured Piece "Regulator Clock" by Jim Tartaglia

May 04, 2020 6:51 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

This column is has predominantly featured furniture.  However, there have been other pieces of note that are not in that category, such as T. Shirley's models, Jewelry box by M. Nierman, Poker Box by V. Valvo and J. Tartaglia, and a special table saw by S. Brown.  With "Regulator Clock" Jim has added to this list in the furnishings category.

Jim Tartaglia has been busy this year.  This is his second submission in 2020 and third in the academic year.  Without taking on a large furniture piece, Jim illustrates that challenges are not in short supply with a smaller piece.  Despite his obvious advanced woodworking skill, in this piece Jim is stumped at times with pitfalls that surface.  It's how he solves these problems that makes his very readable article appealing and instructional.  Besides that, he finished building a piece that he long had on his to-do list.

Reading Jim's article provides part history, part woodworking, and part problem solving. 

You can reach Jim at

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