Posted February 2020 Bevel Cut article "Arithmetic Can Be Your Friend" by Andrew Davis

February 01, 2020 7:46 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Arithmetic Can Be Your Friend

by Andrew Davis

Before you break out in a cold sweat from flashbacks to high school math, the picture above is not meant to scare you away.  It's only a picture of geometry functions that you probably already use without knowing it.

Andrew presents math techniques of various woodworking applications.  You need not follow the math per se.  Just realize that there are many ways to solve a woodworking measurement.  It worked for Leonardo in other fields.  While never exceeding basic algebra and some geometry, Leonardo worked on trial and error approximations that went into the cast for his 26' bronze horse, his paintings in perspective, and his inventions.

So given your experience with woodworking you should have an upper hand.  Have a look but know you proceed at your own risk.

Andrew welcomes your feedback.

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