Posted MTCO article for April 2024 "The Simplest Tool is the Best?" by Rob Carver

March 31, 2024 5:03 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

The Simplest Tool is the Best?

by Rob Carver

Rob presents a mental exercise on the simplest tool for a woodworker.  Think about your tool set.  Consider those that are inexpensive.  Measuring tape or ruler?  Now consider those that are utterly simple to use.  A pencil?  We all know how to use it but it requires sharpening and if you use it like me, the eraser gets used up quickly.  Sanding block?  Just wrap your sandpaper around it and work it.  I think we are getting warmer but it does require physical intervention.  Is there anything cheap, without need of sharpening, electrification, or work but offers tremendous functionality without much of a rival?  In other words, what is the simplest tool that is the best.  Think about it before you treat yourself to Rob's favorite in The Simplest Tool is the Best?  I think he's got something.there.

You can reach Rob by clicking Rob Carver.

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