Posted March 2024 Bevel Cut article "New or Improved: An Age-old Dilemma" by Andrew Davis

February 29, 2024 2:47 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

New or Improved: An Age-old Dilemma

by Andrew Davis

It always seems to come to this.  Another decision to be made.  If it's not an issue about the dimension of the piece, it's about the joinery, or perhaps, salvaging a part that's not exactly intended.  I won't even go into the various possible finishes.  There are a gazillion decisions to be made.  Think of a piece or style you've never made before.  What if it's about the price of a tool, whether it's worth the value?  If it's a go then there's a decision where to locate it in the workshop.  And that's where this intro meets Andrew's March Bevel Cut article.

The issue he poses is one that we all have encountered.  What if a woodworker, after laboring over the research and deciding on the cost/benefit to purchase the tool finds that a newer and improved version appears in the ads?  Hold off acting out.  Instead read New or Improved? An Age-old Dilemma as Analytical Andrew reveals his decision options.   

Andrew welcomes your feedback.

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