Posted December 2023 Bevel Cut article "Woodworking Subspecialties" by Andrew Davis

November 30, 2023 5:49 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Woodworking Subspecialties

by Andrew Davis

Like other careers or hobbies, woodworking falls into varied specialties.  Lawyers have constitutional, real estate, tax, marital, patent, and other specializations.  Clearly, doctors are known for being specialists; just pick an organ for a short list.  Even athletes have chosen to specialize in a certain sport.  So, the thought came to Andrew after a recurring question was posed to him, to develop a list of woodworking specialties or subspecialties as he would call it.  When you read his list, you are asked to add any that he didn’t list.  So, I’d like to add marquetry and Japanese woodworking like Kumiko and Shoji to his list.  Have a look.  Can you add any more Woodworking Subspecialties?

Andrew welcomes your feedback.

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