Posted September 2023 Bevel Cut article "Dovetails with ChatGPT" by Andrew Davis

September 02, 2023 9:11 AM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Dovetails with ChatGPT

by Andrew Davis

At the risk of adding another article about dovetails, Andrew presents, yep, another one.  Many of you have already formed your opinions of pins first or tails first and your process is well regimented and religiously followed.  But you can find a refreshing and comical approach to cutting dovetails if you understand the right language.

So, try navigating the high seas and treacherous times of buccaneer woodworking or perhaps you have discarded modern dovetail instructions as you prefer the Medieval approach to cutting dovetails.  All it might take is to connect with the language that suits you.  Allow Andrew to be your guide using AI techniques to convey the dovetail basics.  Read Dovetails with ChatGPT.

 Andrew welcomes your feedback.

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