Posted Featured Piece for May 2023 "Wavy Cutting Board Project" by the Wavy Cutting Board Project Team Led by Jeff Clunie

May 01, 2023 12:02 AM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Wavy Cutting Board Project

by the Wavy Cutting Board Project Team Led by Jeff Clunie

When is a piece a Featured Piece of the Month?  I agree, it's somewhat ambiguous but maybe this article will provide some clarity.  This Wavy Cutting Board Featured Piece is different, know doubt, but all of the Featured Pieces are different.  This one, however, was a team based project that produced  variations of the wavy cutting board as first described by project leader Jeff Clunie.  The project a wonderful example of an enjoyable, learning activity yielding a well constructed, aesthetically appealing piece, where all participants designed their own unique wavy cutting board with Jeff's assistance.  The article is compendium of each participant's perspective.

Everyone has a story to tell, some offering more detail than others.  You will see pictures of the finished cutting boards and some pictures in process.  Even if only one wavy cutting board were made, it would qualify as a Featured Piece.  Read what the team in their individual words had to say about this project in Wavy Cutting Board Project.

Further information can be requested by clicking Jeff Clunie .

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