Posted Bevel Cut article for February 2023 "ChatGPT" by Andrew Davis

January 30, 2023 9:03 AM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)


by Andrew Davis

There has been a long line of Artificial Intelligent chatbots (natural language programs that can converse with humans) with Eliza being the most (in)famous surfacing in the mid 1960s. It became an academic sensation because the psychotherapy it was devised to produce fooled many knowledgeable members of the MIT student body.  All it did was rephrase questions it was given as answers and was able to carry on a conversation much like a fortune teller would.  The advancement was Eliza's perfect grammar, spelling, and sticking to the therapeutic matter.

Andrew writes about the newest AI phenomenon you may have heard about.  ChatGPT is a general purpose chatbot answering any questions posed to it in any field of interest.  For ChatGPT to work it was given 570GB of Wiki and other information as a knowledge base.  However, in any user interaction, ChatGPT is not allowed to access the internet for anything new.  So the question of its value is in the notion of machine learning.  That is, how much will ChatGPT learn new information by interacting with users.  Andrew gave it a shot in the field of woodworking.  Read about Andrew's experience in ChatGPT about ChatGPT.

Andrew welcomes your feedback.

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