Posted January 2023 Bevel Cut article "Tree Rings" by Andrew Davis

January 01, 2023 2:07 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Tree Rings

by Andrew Davis

This article about tree rings starts with an eye-catching news headline.  Andrew reads the article about a methodology to date shipwrecks with the hope of identifying the wreck.  The notion of tree rings surface, which leads to discovering the international periodical Dendrochonologia of peer reviewed articles of all things woody, especially growth rings.

Pieces of the shipwreck and the growth rings are analyzed microscopically.  Voila, the age of the pieces put the wreck to be consistent with an 1849 shipwreck off the coast of Argentina. But there were other possible matches and thus could not conclusively make a match.

Spurred on by the recommended Dendrochonologia process Andrew writes about his experiments to determine the age of some of his furniture.  You literally won't believe where this goes.  Find out the results in Tree Rings.

Andrew welcomes your feedback.

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