Posted October 2022 MTCO article "Pay Attention to Proportion" by Rob Carver

October 01, 2022 10:45 AM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Pay Attention to Proportion

Rob Carver

When thinking about proportions...wait, let's stop there.  Maybe you don't go around thinking about proportions.  But it's in your face (literally, as per Leonardo) and figuratively around the world.  It's not a thing you can touch but you can touch what has proportion.  It's a characteristic for some, it's a relationship for some, it's a ratio for some.  But, moreover, it's a principle. While it may be all Greek to some (ha, it's symbolized with the Greek letter phi), it's as ubiquitous as common sense and uncommon sense combined.  It forms beauty, stability, moderation, balance.  I'll leave it there.  Rob has more to say.  Read Pay Attention to Proportion.

You can reach Rob for comments and additional information, by clicking Rob Carver.

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