Posted June 2022 Feaured Piece of the Month "Bow Front Table Package Extraordinaire" by Jeff Clunie, Jim Russell, Ken Zoller

June 03, 2022 11:34 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Bow Front Table Package Extraordinaire

by Jeff Clunie, Jim Russell, and Ken Zoller

Last month the guild presented a 100+ page guidebook for beginners called Novices.  This month brings another unusual but instructional Featured Piece of the Month.  Jim Russell, Jeff Clunie, and Ken Zoller teamed up to build and provide comprehensive documentation of their self-chosen project - a Bow Front Table.

Each author built their own table using an earlier version the plans presented here.  The documentation consists of three parts.  One part is a description of their build process materials, tools, bricking, veneering, marquetry, knife hinges, magnetic push latches, and more.  The second part is a detailed set of the plans with templates of the piece.  If that wasn't enough the third part is a SketchUp file provided for your 3D visualization pleasure and interactive resource.  If you don't use SketchUp but would like a copy (complimentary or higher model) read below.

You will be amazed by the craftsmanship, clarity of writing, supporting pictures, plans, and insights from this package.  For those always wanting to delve into building or just learning about the construction of a bow front table you have three big reasons to start now.

Click Overall Description - This will display the overall descriptive document of the Bow Front Table.

Click Plan - This will display a set of detailed plans and templates.

Click SketchUp File - This will download a copy of the SketchUp file to your download folder.  You might want to  move the file to a friendlier folder.  To use the file log into your SketchUp app and click the Open from device tab at the near the center top.  To obtain a SketchUp model go to in your web browser on your Windows or Mac computer. Click the Products link at the top left of the page and select your desired product type.  (The free model may no longer be supported.)

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