Posted June 2022 MTCO article "Sweep the Floor" by Rob Carver

June 03, 2022 11:31 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Sweep the Floor

Rob Carver

When someone takes on the responsibility to write monthly articles for the website, it takes a very thoughtful, observant person to continue to select a worthy topic.  (Just ask Andrew Davis.)  For example, how many of us who visited last month's wonderful tour of Old Sturbridge Village came away with something inspirational?

Rob noticed that in the OSV woodshop there were wood shavings on the floor and various other remnants of woodworking that were not cleared.  One could chalk that up to the working nature of the woodshop and viewing it as theatrical scenery.  Perhaps so did Rob but he took it a few steps beyond that.  Rob saw the Zen in this common woodworking scene and writes another thoughtful, inspirational article that takes a subtlety and gives it meaning in the June MTCO article Sweep the Floor.

This will be the last article before we resume formal activities in September.  All articles this year will be made accessible via the archive later this summer.  Thanks go to Rob for his continuous supply of creative, thoughtful, insightful lessons learned that provoke consideration.

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