Posted April 2021 Featured Piece "Building a Harpsichord, Part III" by Neal Carey

March 30, 2021 8:03 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

Building a Harpsichord, Part III

by Neal Carey

The project continues to continue.  Last February, we provided Parts I and II.  This month Neal shares his progress of building a harpsichord in Part III with the emphasis on the case.  The case consists the soundboard, bridges, registers, and other parts to produce the correct sound and accurate fidelity and tone requiring precise cuts and placements.

For the woodworker you will see asymmetric joinery, bending wood, embellishments, and finishing.  Neal spares you most of the geometry to produce the desired sounds but it's obvious that its there.  And if that's not enough there are new jigs to be made for the string pin locations and special clamping cauls.  There's a lot there and a lot can go wrong.  But seeing the pictures of the finished case is believing.  Click the video you are interested to view.

Building a Harpsichord Part III (11:29)

Building a Harpsichord Part II (12:32)

Building a Harpsichord Pat I (8:08)

To send your comments and questions to Neal, click Harpsichord Man.

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