Posted Bevel Cut for March 2021 " Do You Get What You Pay For? (Part 1)" by Andrew Davis

March 03, 2021 2:54 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

With respect to woodworking, woodworkers are a classic group of biased individuals.  Ask a question about how the best way to do something and it's likely you will get as many different responses as there are individuals being asked.

Andrew Davis raises a question that we all generally visit when purchasing a new tool - is it worth the money?  When it comes to choosing a combination square most woodworkers may respond with the de facto standard - the Starrett combination square.  But the controversy doesn't end there. Not only is the cost pricey compared to other combination squares, there are different Starrett models. 

In a remarkable twist for a woodworker, Andrew does not offer an answer.  But in the March Bevel Cut article you will have to choose for yourself - if you haven't already.

Andrew welcomes your feedback.

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