Posted Featured Piece for February 2021 article "Harpsichord Parts I and II" by Neal Carey

February 01, 2021 4:51 PM | Vincent Valvo (Administrator)

This month the Featured Piece is so encompassing that it is segmented into four parts.  Many of you know Neal Carey and his mission to build a 1640 Ruckers Single Manual Harpsichord.  For approximately twelve years Neal has been on this mission.  That’s not to say this has been a continual process.  During this time Neal has built and refurbished other musical instruments such as ukuleles, guitars, Tzoura, and a sitar.  Neal has also completed other more standard woodworking projects.  But like Neal, we should get back to the harpsichord.

Neal is nearly finished with the harpsichord as you can see in the picture above.  But in his limited free time, Neal has compiled a thorough set of presentations documenting the motivation, design, help, and step by step build along the way.  It is a wonder to witness this massive work through his presentations.  I certainly did, as we planned the presentations for this and subsequent Featured Pieces.  When you click each video presentation be sure to turn on your audio.  This is not just a visual slideshow.  There is enchanting background music of a type to get you in the mood.

Part I:  Introduction of the Project, Motivation, Planning, Assistance, and Building the Keyboard

Part II: Building the Case

When he's not buried in work you can reach Neal here.

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