April Guild Meeting: Annual Auction

  • April 13, 2024
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Needham Furniture Makers, 590 Hillside Ave, Needham, MA 02494

Annual Guild Auction

Scour your shop to find tools, books, and stuff no longer of interest to you, but possibly of value to other woodworkers. Buy more stuff that you will use!

NEW this year! We have some gift certificates and valuable merch from local vendors like Reader's Hardwoods, Barney & Carey, Woodcraft, and more. 

Remember to bring cash and checks! We also recommend bringing a folding chair.

Master Auctioneer Jim Tartaglia will dazzle all with his salesmanship and wit!

Parking can be challenging near this venue, so please carpool if you can!

For those planning to Participate in the 2024 Auction Process (from Treasurer John George)

In order to participate in the 2024 EMGW Auction you will need to register to obtain a bidder’s number. Registering for members is very simple and only a little less simple for non-members. When you enter the Needham Furnituremakers, go to the desk where the “EMGW Auction – Registration & Check-Out” sign is displayed. Identify yourself as a member and give your last name (I know many of you only by your first name.). Your membership will be confirmed and you will be assigned a bidder’s number and given a bidder’s card with your unique number. This is the card you will show the Auctioneer when you have won a bid. As a double check on the EMGW’s record keeping, we suggest that you make yourself a note on the bidder’s card of what you won and how much you agreed to pay. We'll ask non-members for basic identification before they will be assigned a bidder’s number and given a bidder’s card. The purpose of registration is to attach a name to a bidder’s number. The EMGW has gotten too big (123 members) to know everyone’s name on sight, thus the numbers. Since the EMGW already has the necessary contact information for each member, no registration form is needed as is required for the unknown non-members.

Please register before the auction begins. During the auction the treasurer’s attention will be directed towards the auction and recording its results. Though registering late is possible, you may need to wait for a lull in the auction before you can be registered and participate. Participating in the auction is just like participating in any other auction – good luck in getting a good deal!

At the end of the auction it is time to check-out (i.e., pay for) your auction purchases. Payment must be in the form of cash or check. Non-members who wish to pay by check for purchases totaling more than $50 will be asked to show a state issued ID or license (which will be recorded on their registration form). To expedite your check-out, you may check-out at either of the two check-out points provided. When checking out, please identify yourself by your bidder’s number as that is the way the auction results are recorded. Your payment will be recorded with the auction results. Enjoy your purchases – hope you got a few good deals!

Please note, you are strongly discouraged from attempting to check-out early for the same reason as was mentioned above for late registrations. If you must check-out early, please arrange with another EMGW member for them to check-out for you. If that is not possible, envelopes will be available for you to put your check or exact amount cash in; please write your bidder number, your name, and the amount of money being paid on the sealed envelope. Leave the envelop with the treasurer; your payment cannot be recorded nor change made at that time.

Last year the EMGW made over $1,500 in the 2023 Auction. Here is to a successful 2024 Auction!

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