Beyond the Basic Sand Shaded Fan

  • February 11, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Woodcraft Walpole, 3 Walpole Park, South Walpole

Shaded fans were a common decorative motif in Federal (or Neoclassical) furniture of the late 18th century. They were often inlaid into the corners of table tops and drawer fronts. The segments are shaded using hot sand and then put together to create a three dimensional effect. But 1⁄4 fans are just the beginning. Building on the basic sand shading technique, Ct Valley School of Woodworking Director, Bob Van Dyke returns to build on the interesting possibilities based on the basic 1⁄4 fan design; creating circles, 1⁄2 circles and ovals with all sorts of interesting curved segments. The possibilities are really fascinating and the inlays can be used in all sorts of projects‐ from a table top, a door panel or a drawer front to a box top or tray.

Don’t miss this chance to learn some new techniques that you can start to add to your woodworking projects. 

Select Mentors from the Members tab if you would like help in pursuing topics covered at this meeting.  Jim Russell, Fritz Smith, and other mentors are familiar with this technique.

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