Featured Piece of the Month Articles

Article                                                               Date         Author                

Alden House ΒΌ Scale Rope Bed Model                                        Oct., 2018      Tom Shirley

Hauswitch Jewelry Box                                                                   Sep., 2018      Marc Nierman, M. D.

Stickley Sofa Table                                                                           Jun., 2018      Ken Zoller

Lolling Chair                                                                                      May, 2018      Dick Belanger

Swinging Cradle                                                                                Apr., 2018      Steve McKenna

Walnut Bench                                                                                   Mar., 2018      Andrew Davis

Seymour Tilt-Top Table                                                                    Feb., 2018      Jim Russell

Walnut Curved Face Cabinet                                                          Jan., 2018      Dave McCormick

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